The oldtimer ferry between Bogø and Stubbekøbing:

M/F IDA is one of the 9 old wooden ferries in Denmark, which still are sailing

The ferry was build in Stege Skibsværft in the years 1958/59. During the launching the ferry was baptized IDA after the daughter of chief administrative officer Wechselmann in Præstø. Before that IDA was a very typical Danish ferry, but nowadays it is one of the few wooden ferries, which still are in permanent route crossing. For the building of IDA they first and foremost used wood from the forests on the island Møn. Under deck there is a passenger cabin with leather upholstered sofas with room for about 50 passengers, and the cabin does on the whole look like when the ship was build. Furthermore there is a small cabin for the personnel, which is in the same style as the passenger cabin.



Bikers cannot drive across the Farø bridges, so the Bogø-Stubbekøbing ferryline is the own “highway” of the bikers. Therefore 2 of the 4 Danish international bike routes go via the crossing. The ferry is nowadays part of the Marguerite-route, the Baltic Sea route and the biker route Berlin/Copenhagen.
The old ferry sails in regular service between Stubbekøbing and Bogø for a limited period, which can be read on:

In 2005 the support association “Idas Friends” started the popular “Wednesday crossings”. The evening cruises to the Farø bridges with entertainment, guides and sale of beverages on board have become a summer and tourist hit in our region.
You can also, via Idas friends, charter “the whole ferry” for private parties, company outings, association excursions or special events such as wine tasting etc. Inquiries to mail:

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