Northeast Falster offers many, beautiful and different nature areas
and places with a historic glimpse

The hinterland is a real gem. Drive and experience the historic atmosphere at the old ferry of Marie Grubbe. And on the drive you can at Næsgård enjoy the beautiful view over the rolling fields to the island Møn. Walk through the forest along the eastern coast. Here the beech really is reflected in the blue vawes. You arrive at a small fishing hamlet at Hesnæs Harbor, and here you see the special straw covered “Hesnæs-houses”. South of this town you can bathe on the finest beaches on Falster to the Baltic Sea. On the drive to the hinterland, you can see many small well-preserved villages with their churches. Walk between grave mounds in Halskov Vænge, and take a walk in the park at Corselitze Castle.

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Hesnæs houses:

Barup Lake:
Hesnæs Beach:

Corselitze Manor:
Halskov Vænge:
Horreby Lyng raised bog:
The bog Borremosen: