In the market town Stubbekøbing you can visit 2 unique museums, which both are full of collections, which are well worth a visit. They both arrange several interesting events during the year, and they are recommendable to visit.

See what and when on their homepages, where you also can see the opening hours. Both museums have associations of friends, which you can join in order to support them economically or in order to be active helpers.

The cozy local museum
in the main street

The museum houses in a beautiful, preserved building in the main street of the town. The building was build in 1846 as a merchant’s house and was later preserved in 1954. The association “Friends of the Museum” of that time bought the building in 1992, and thus the museum became a private foundation. The museum did then receive a big and versatile collection of weights and measures, dated from 1588-1947 by the former Stubbekøbing Municipality. This collection did at that time form the basis of the beginning of the museum and is now exhibited in the beautiful rooms of the museum.

The many exhibitions show the life, as it was in a small provincial town about the 20th century.

The original old kitchen of the house contains a big collection of the famous blue enamel kitchen tools of Glud & Marstrand.
Furthermore exhibitions with:

- Big weight and measure collection
- Old living room from 1890.
- Furniture maker Olsens workshop with all the old tools.
A shoemaker’s shop shows the old handicraft in an original workshop.
- Scullery with an original old copper and washing tools.
- A classroom just like it was looking, when great-grandfather went to school.
- Children’s clothes from the 20th century.
- Utensil and tool exhibition in the cozy atrium, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.
- Changing special exhibitions every year.


Motorcykel- og Radiomuseum Stubbekøbing

Stubbekøbing Motorbike
and Radio Museum
Nykøbingvej 52,
4850 Stubbekøbing

Opening hours
please see the homepage:



MC collection the biggest
in Northern Europe

The museum was founded in 1977 in a co-operation between Stubbekøbing Municipality and the motorbike collector master painter Erik Nielsen from Karleby. For more than 20 years Erik Nielsen had collected, bought and restored motorbikes.

In the recent 37 years the collection of the museum has become bigger and bigger. Nowadays Stubbekøbing Motorbike Museum exhibits more than 160 motorbikes, 15 mopeds and 80 loose motorbike engines from 1897 to 1994, and it places the museum as one of the biggest in Europe. The motorbike collection contains a string of pearls with rarities and milestones from England, Germany, the USA, France, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Sweden and Japan. The big width of rare brands and classic models from so many nations is quite unique, but most of the motorbikes have a Danish history and have driven in Denmark.

Stubbekøbing Motorbike Museum shows the technical development which the motorbike has gone through from 1897 and until today.

The radio collection
is like the motorbike collection established via interest of elder technique in an active Danish radio industry, which in 1950 counted 18 Danish produced brands. There is in the collection still many working instruments.

The collection is besides being a tribute to the Danish inventors who invented the broadcasting system also a memory of a time, where we in Denmark and the other parts of Europe were self-sufficient with electronics.