Harbor life and mole race

There is always something to look at in Stubbekøbing Harbor, at all seasons

A trip down to the harbor is a must. Stubbekøbing is a fishing town from old times and nowadays it still has fishing boats. The harbor is during summer full of life with tourists and the citizens of the town, who are going down to see the ships that have come to visit. Or they enjoy an ice-cream while they look at the others, perhaps while they are waiting at the ferry to Bogø.

The industrial harbor contributes with granaries and silos as well as with repairs for the needy calling ships.

The yachting harbor has many facilities for the sailors. Here you will find a good atmosphere and fresh stories about weather and wind.

Stubbekøbing Harbor. Copyright Dorte Krøll
Stubbekøbing Harbour. Copyright Dorte Krøll
Stubbekøbing Harbor. Copyright Dorte Krøll

  Industrial harbor incl. ferry service.     Harbor with depth for big ships.      Big yachting harbor with facilities.