Take a walk on beautiful paths
among high, old beech trees and open lawns with a view to Grønsund


The park has an unique position in hilly terrain with slopes down to Guldborgsund. During the walk you pass different variating areas, as for instance an area with high old beech trees and another with younger trees in dense stand, where you can see and hear the many small birds, which live here.

Several paths lead to the big lawn with two small lakes, one of them in heart form. The lawn leads down to the path at Grønsund. Other areas are higher up, and here you can between the trees look down to the water as well.

In the park there is a playground for children, build in materials with respect for the surrounding nature. Recently there has been build a reconstruction of the old pavilion from the beginning of the building of the park. At the lawn in front of the pavilion there has been established a small vantage point with benches. From here you can enjoy the sun down at Grønsund in direction of the Farø Bridges.



And from here you can walk down to the water on one of the two winding stairs which lead down to the dosseringen. At all seasons it is a pleasure to walk in the old park.

Historical: In 1882 two wealthy business men in Stubbekøbing, Wulff and Boas, got the good idea to beautify their town with a park. They collected money from citizens and the municipality. In the 19th  century the mail road went over Gåbense to Copenhagen, in continuation of Vestergade. North of this road, called Alslevvej at that time, was a big piece of land towards Guldborgsund. It all started here. The lot was bought in 1888, and there was established a board, which elected teacher Andersen to make the drawings and buy trees and bushes. After the paths had been marked out, 14.000 small trees and bushes in all were bought and planted.