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Welcome to the green corner of Denmark

And welcome to experiences in the old market town Stubbekøbing, and to unspoiled

nature in forest, and on the beach in the hinterland.



The experiences in Stubbekøbing are many. The old market town does still have its original look and you can experience the special interplay with the harbor. Here fishing vessels are still calling, and here there is a lively environment around the yachting harbor which each summer is called by about 4000 guest sailors. The old ferry “IDA” is part of the nature beautiful Marguerit route. It sails every hour between Stubbekøbing and Bogø in the summer period and in the autumn holidays.

Walk through the old streets, the market place and the church of the market town and visit Stubbekøbing Museum in Vestergade and the Motorbike and Radio Museum in Nykøbingvej.

The hinterland is a real gem, go to Marie Grubbes old ferry, enjoy the view of Grønsund at Næsgård and walk through the forest and along the eastern coast of Falster. Here the beech reflects itself in the blue waves. From the trip to the forest you see the small fishing hamlet at Hesnæs. Notice the special straw  covered “Hesnæs houses” of the town. Just south of Hesnæs one of the finest bathing beaches is situated.

Drive through the hinterland and see the small well-preserved villages with their churches. Walk between barrows in Halskovvænge and enjoy the pure Corselitze castle, where everyone can walk through the park. There are rich possibilities of angling in Grønsund or trout fishing from the beach, and if you play golf, you will find a wonderful golf course at Virket.
You can also explore in the many small farm shops with food or artware etc., read about it here: 

Stubbekøbing has a tourist information in the InfoCafé in Stubbekøbing Museum on the main street, read about it under “Attractions”.

See the homepage of the InfoCafé: www.stubinfo.dk

See the homepage of the museum:  www.stubmuseum.dk

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