You are always welcome in Stubbekøbing


Stubbekøbing is one of the many coastal towns in Denmark, and it is beautifully situated on northern Falster at Grønsund. The market town is an about 850 years old royal privileged town which has maintained the old street progress.


In the old part of the town you can see many houses and merchant’s houses from about 1700 to the end of the 19th century. The town has smaller production firms, shops and a boat yard.  Here you will find rich association activities and a good efficient school. The former important fishing harbor has also developed into having a big yachting harbor. Furthermore a ferry line to Bogø with the old oldtimer wood ferry IDA.


Stubbekøbing is beautifully surrounded by water, forest and field landscapes. The hinterland is a real gem with beautiful variating nature, historic places and cultural attractions as well as farm shops with for instance culinary temptations.


With only a few kilometers to the motorway it is easy to come to and from Stubbekøbing.


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